JavaXT is a collection of Java libraries and utilities that provide a number of functions not available in the standard JDK. It is an extension of the Java core, written to simplify Java development. Check out the key features and browse the documentation to learn more.

JavaXT is an open source project released under an MIT License. Feel free to use the code and information found here as you like. This software comes with no guarantees or warranties. You may use this software in any open source or commercial project.

Current Version: 1.8.0
Release Date: 11/15/2017
File Size: 738 KB
File Format: Zip
Includes: Jar File, Binaries, Source Code, and Documentation

Key Features

  • Advanced File and Directory IO
    • Read/write files with a single line of code
    • High performance, multi-threaded directory search
    • Extended file attributes including file creation and last access time
    • Native file watchers
  • Image IO
    • Read/write image files with a single line of code
    • Intuitive methods to rotate, resize, crop, and skew images
    • Sharpen and desaturate images
    • Adjust opacity/transparency
    • Access EXIF, IPTC and GPS metadata
  • Database Utilties
    • Streamlined recordset object used to insert, update and delete records in a database
    • Robust database connection utilities including connection pooling
    • Built in support for complex geospatial geometries (points, lines, polygons, etc.)
    • Lightweight SQL Parser
  • HTTP Client
    • Download images, html, and xml with a single line of code
    • Automatically follow server redirects
    • Option to automatically decode gzip compressed responses
    • SSL support and "BASIC" authentication
  • Web Services Client
    • Dynamically bind and execute xml webservices using SOAP over HTTP/HTTPS
    • Execute webservice methods without having to generate proxy classes
    • WSDL parser
  • Misc Utilities
    • Date Class used to parse, format, add/subract, compare and sort dates.
    • Jar Class used to find the physical location of any jar file/class, parse manifest, etc.
    • Shell Class used to execute command line applications, parse error and output streams, etc.
    • XML/DOM Parser used to help instantiate DOM Documents, get node and attribute values, etc.

Related Projects

  • HTTP Server
    • High performance, high concurrency web server
    • Transparently handles GZIP compression, persistent connections, and chunked transfer encoding
    • Lightweight, intuitive API
    • SSL support

Java Compatability

Note that the current implementation of JavaXT is built using Java 1.6 but it will compile and run with Java 1.5 and up.