JavaXT is an open source project released under an MIT License. Feel free to use the code and information found here as you like. This software comes with no guarantees or warranties. You may use this software in any open source or commercial project.

JavaXT Libraries

NameVersionRelease DateFile SizeMiscDownloads
javaxt-core.zip1.10.03/19/2020829 KBRevision History17,004
javaxt-server.zip4.0.08/17/20192,145 KBRevision History1,682
javaxt-rss.zip1.22/14/201835 KBRevision History1,045
javaxt-gis.zip1.112/30/201142 KB846
javaxt-exchange.zip1.012/10/2017147 KB127

Maven Coordinates

JavaXT releases are available via Maven using this site. All other Maven repositories, including Maven Central, are out of sync with this site.

To add this maven repository to your project, simply update your project pom.xml file. Example:


Next, you will need to add one of the JavaXT projects using the dependencies tag. Example:


Finally, you may need to tell your IDE to download the dependencies. For example, in Netbeans, you will need to click on the Project node -> Resolve Missing Dependencies -> Resolve...

Accessing the Repository

Most of the JavaXT projects are managed in a local Subversion server. Access to the repository is restricted. In the future, I plan to migrate some of the projects to GitHub. I just haven't found the time to do it. In the interim, if you have a bug fix or enhancement, please don't hesitate to email me at